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Connecting Threads

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It’s always been fascinating to me how many people we never get a chance to meet in our lifetime. Hint: It’s a really large number! Today, however, this number is significantly augmented by the phenomenon of Internet based communications (like this one!). Recently I was interviewed about my own work and interactions both online and offline by Benjamin Alexander on his new podcast Pulling the String.

You can also find the interview on iTunes. It's titled Kefitzat Haderech With A Contentious Monk.

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"Vocation Boom" Interview

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I was interviewed recently by Jerry Usher, host of the radio program “VocationBoom!,” which airs on various Catholic radio stations throughout the country.  As a Dominican friar now in my fifth year of student formation, I have begun to lose track of the number of times I have “told my vocation story.”  Yet if someone asks, I never tire of it.  I have given longer talks of half-hour or more.  I have given shorter ten minute versions.  And then of course there is the person you meet at a party or reception of some sort who wants to know “how you became a Dominican,” and you need to come up with something to capture your vocation in about 2 or 3 minutes!


The truth is no amount of time is enough, since God’s ways are infinitely mysterious and intricately woven into the very details of our lives – each one of our lives is more than we can possibly begin to understand; but, on the other hand, any amount of time works since the only explanation for any vocation is grace, and that grace can become apparent even in the most humble and simple events in our lives.  I ran out of time on the show here to share more of my journey into the Catholic Church specifically, which was a simultaneous intellectual and spiritual journey while in graduate school.  Intellectually I came more and more to be persuaded by the depth, beauty, coherence, and truth of Catholic theology; spiritually I was drawn more and more deeply into the mystery of the Mass, and the way Jesus Christ is truly present in his sacred body, blood, soul, and divinity, in the Eucharist.  In any case, I was glad to give some time to Jerry Usher and his show, and hope what I did have time to share can in some small way give encouragement to all interested souls.