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On February 25th, the community of St. Albert Priory voted on the petitions for vows of five student friars. During the process of post-novitiate initial formation in the Dominican Order, student friars profess vows for a specified number of years before making their final vow commitment (solemn vows). While each profession of temporary vows implies a lifetime commitment, in that the student friar is to have a focus on solemn vows , these years of simple profession also have a strong element of discernment as the student friar and the Order, through the individual formation communities, are both expected to consider more deeply if each man is suited for Dominican life. Every time a formation community (specifically the solemnly professed Dominicans assigned to that priory) votes on a student friar’s petitions for vows, the Order makes an intentional judgment, discerning on their part if a man is to proceed in this way of life. Additionally, in soliciting and professing vows, each student friar takes another affirmative step toward solidifying the vocation he has chosen.

Br. Richard at first profession in 2009.


All five student friars were approved for vows. Brs. Dominic David and Ambrose were approved for solemn vows and Brs. Justin, Chris, and I were approved for a renewal of temporary vows. Please pray for us as we deepen our vocational commitment, continuing on this path toward Priesthood in the Order of Preachers.