"Brother, can you spare a dime?"

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St. Dominic founded in the 13th century the itinerant and mendicant Order of Preachers. Now at the start of the 21st century, we are still attempting to be both itinerant and mendicant – though in different ways. Earlier this month, two of the student brothers from St Albert’s Priory traveled (itinerancy) to help our ministries fundraise (modern-day mendicancy).

Br. Justin flew up to Anchorage, where he spent last year as a resident student, to help the Holy Family Cathedral as the friars thank their current donors and kick off the next phase of the Mission West Campaign. I flew to Las Vegas – my home for about six weeks this summer – to participate in the St Therese Center’s Circle of Roses event. The St Therese Center is a food pantry serving the HIV & AIDS community in Las Vegas. Fr Joseph O’Brien, OP founded it in 1998 and has seen it grow exponentially since then.

The Circle of Roses is a dinner and auction to support the center, but also an opportunity to recognize those people who have in some way gone above and beyond in their service to the center and its clients. I’m sure Dominic did not predict a dinner & auction in a casino ballroom, with over 600 people present, when he envisioned the mendicancy of his future brothers. The Circle of Roses is not a simple event, but quite an effective fundraiser for Fr Joseph, Br Frederick and all the staff, volunteers and clients of the St Therese Center. As David, Fr. Joseph’s most-capable assistant attests, “every cent we are able to spend was fundraised”.

In many ways, mendicancy has a different face than it did 8 centuries ago. But it still requires us to say that we need help. And not just “we need help” but “we need your help,” through funding, service, and prayers. Such a request requires humility, that virtue most out of place in 21st century America. So thank you for your support of all of our ministries, for allowing us to continue to preach the Gospel in many and various ways. May God bless all of our ministries, and most especially all of you who help us continue to be God’s witnesses in the world, and God’s witnesses to the world.