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Diaconate Ordination - January 2012

On January 28, three of our student brothers—Brs. Ambrose Sigman, Dominic David Maichrowicz, and Joseph Mary Do Cao Nhân—were ordained to the diaconate by Bishop Salvatore Cordileone of the Diocese of Oakland, here at St. Albert's. Numerous friars, friends, laity, and family were present for the joyous occasion.

As deacons, they now have some new liturgical roles at Mass, such as the privilege of proclaiming the Gospel, greater involvement in preparing the altar, and even of preaching homilies on occasion. They also are now on the rotation for leading our Liturgy of the Hours prayers (the role is called "hebdomidarian" or just "hebdom" for short). Deacons, in general, can also preside over weddings, baptisms, and funerals—although our newly ordained deacons may not actually do much (or any) of these before they are ordained priests in about a year and a half. In any case, please join us in congratulating our brothers and thanking God for their ordination and their ministry as deacons!

The above photos are of the ordination Mass at St. Albert's, on January 28, 2012. Photos courtesy of Br. Lupe, OP (the first five photos) and Br. Corwin (the last photo).